Why patio doors are a truly year-round home improvement

When it comes to investing in home improvements, homeowners demand practicality as well as style. If you appreciate products that make your life easier whatever the weather, your home will benefit from PatioMaster sliding doors. As well as giving any home a fashionable facelift, they make sense if you worry about access to the outdoors, energy efficiency and security.

Because not all in-line sliding patio doors are the same, there are important considerations to make if you plan to improve your home. Quality should be top of your priority list, along with security, energy efficiency and practicality. By taking all four into account before you buy, you can ensure you invest in patio doors that are a truly year-round improvement.

Warm for winter

Energy efficient patio doors that offer excellent thermal insulation should be the priority if you dread the winter months. As well as keeping you safe and snug, PatioMaster sliding doors will help you keep energy bills down. While patio doors are a stunning choice if you want to bathe a room in light, PatioMaster products are built to also ensure you stay warm.
These patio doors provide excellent insulation and stop draughts and heat loss. Your home will lose less heat in cold weather, making your space more comfortable. What’s more, by investing in PatioMaster sliding doors, you will be doing your bit for the environment. They lower carbon emissions from heating systems, protecting the planet. Choose PatioMaster doors for your home, conservatory, summerhouse or indoor swimming pool.

Practical for summer

The obvious benefit of sliding patio doors is that they offer easy access to the garden or outside space. They also provide vital ventilation. In the summer months, homes can become stifling hot. A simple open window is often not enough to bring the indoor temperature down. If you dread sweltering heat and want to give your home better ventilation, PatioMaster in-line sliding patio doors are the perfect solution. You can choose how much ventilation your home needs – whenever you like.

Proper ventilation is important for those who suffer from respiratory problems. Fresh air, accessed quickly, can remove odours, lower the temperature and improve air circulation. Stale air can be a breeding ground for bugs and germs, so ventilation in the summer months is important.

If you are looking for a year-round home improvement that will transform the way you live, talk to PatioMaster. Alternatively, find out more by downloading the PatioMaster brochure.

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