Stay Warm This Winter With Sliding Patio Doors

Stay warm with sliding patio doors

Sliding patio doors are in a league of their own, allowing the homeowner to experience the great outdoors from the comfort of their own home. No need to worry about if the weather is due to change when they are able to enjoy what their garden has to offer without leaving the home.

Sliding patio doors are an enviable upgrade for any property regardless of style or location. In the summer they offer a combined lifestyle between indoors and outdoors, seamlessly connecting the two. While in Winter it allows for extended natural light within the property while maintaining good efficiency readings and keeping the property warm and inviting.

The bespoke profile used within the PatioMaster design has dedicated thermal cavities which can be insulated with various materials to ensure that thermal efficiency is maintained at all times. This paired with up to triple glazing is designed to combine attractive aesthetics with the latest developments in functionality and security.

A well-placed chair will give the homeowner a front seat view of changing seasons. The large glass panes allow for an unobstructed view of the outdoors while enjoying their morning coffee or evening meal. All without the need to redesign your room or patio area so that the door can be opened.


Bi-fold doors are quickly becoming a new alternative to patio doors, creating a larger opening than anything that had previously been available. With a bi-fold door, however, you need to ensure there is suitable space either side of the door for it to be maneuvered. Plant pots, garden furniture and indeed shrubberies within the garden need to be kept away from a set radius for the door to be opened. This is also the case for internal to the room as the door concertinas in an even motion either side of the sliding track. With a sliding patio door, this stress can all be easily avoided. The door opens in a seamless fashion, staying within the remits of the track and threshold opening.

The threshold is packed with new and improved weather seals that prevent both drafts and leaks – making sure the property stays warm and cozy at all times, even as the leaves change.


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