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Patio doors made easy for fabricators

Paul Lindsay, Sales Director at PatioMaster, makes the case for fabricators buying in when it comes to patio doors.

Where do you stand on buying in as a fabricator?

Many fabricators choose not to buy in. Fabricators in this category have the capacity and the expertise to be able to manufacture all the products in their range with no compromise on quality or turnaround times. From the core product range to the specialist products, their fabrication set up has been designed to meet the demands of a varied portfolio.

Other fabricators choose to mix and match. Fabricators in this category choose to fabricate a core range of products where they know they deliver value and buy in the specialist items they recognise it is more cost-effective to source from elsewhere.

Deciding which route to take is a critical business decision and getting the decision right is equally important.

If you choose to fabricate all your own products, but find yourself having to undertake costly remakes on your specialist products and needing to juggle your production schedule to cope, buying in starts to look like an attractive option.

On the other hand, if you choose to outsource, you need to be sure you are working with a supplier who offers a level of expertise and quality you know you can’t beat. You need to be certain you are partnering with a supplier who shares your values and is committed to delivering a service that goes above and beyond. Because if you choose to buy in, it’s only when you have got the right supplier that you will be adding value to your business.

Here at PatioMaster, fabricators of the UK’s favourite patio door, we pride ourselves on being the supplier that adds value to your business.

Customers choose PatioMaster doors for their superb quality, low profile and unique finishes, which makes them a valuable addition to your portfolio. Each door is precision-made at one of our UK PatioMaster manufacturing centres. And because we only manufacture patio doors, we are the experts, so you are guaranteed the quality you need.

But apart from the quality of the product, there are a wealth of other reasons to choose to work with PatioMaster.

Firstly, it makes good sense on the factory floor. It means you avoid the disruption and downtime of setting up your lines for occasional patio door fabrication. It solves the problems and delays involved in costly remakes due to production errors. And it frees you up to focus on your core product lines you know you’re good at.

It makes good financial sense too. You can deliver and invoice products more quickly, speeding up cash flow – our delivery times to you from your nearest PatioMaster network member are very competitive. It puts an end to costly product and material inventory because we hold all the stock until you order it. It’s a sound way to enjoy a robust profit margin selling high quality doors that enhance your existing portfolio.

It makes good business sense too. You get the reassurance of a trusted major brand with national coverage but because your patio doors are manufactured by your nearest network member, you’re building a relationship with a local business and are supporting your local economy. We also pride ourselves on the standard of our service – it’s fast, efficient and personalised because we value your business and your decision to work with us. In fact, when you work with PatioMaster you get the support of a dedicated account manager to help you to grow your business with us.

Partner with PatioMaster

In short, by partnering with us you free your business from the unexpected overheads, hidden costs and disruption of producing your own patio doors in-house.

If you’d to find out more about what PatioMaster could add to your business and see the latest developments that include a triple track development, a brand new colour palette and a new outerframe, visit us at The FIT Show on stand B34.

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