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British Design: The Key to PatioMaster’s Superior Products

What makes great British design?

Great British design goes beyond the visual. Sure, a well-designed product is easy on the eyes. But good design is not merely an aspect of aesthetics. Good design is also about function — of making a product live up to its promise.

It is this very same concept that goes into PatioMaster’s in-line sliding patio door – easy on the eye, easy to live with. What makes our patio doors a true product of British design?


Great design offers hereto unseen value to its users through the use of innovative technology.

But it doesn’t mean that you have to reinvent the wheel to make a difference. Our patio doors use easy-glide technology which makes closing and opening them a breeze. And through the use of reinforced steel, secured with multipoint locks and anti-jacking technology, our patio doors offer superior security for your peace of mind.


Great design puts emphasis on functionality, eliminating elements which subtract from a product’s utility. The clean lines of our patio doors maximise the glass area. This translates to more natural light coming into your home. We’ve also paid attention to how you use your space and how our product can help you get the most out of it.


Great British design deftly combines stylish appeal without diminishing functionality. PatioMaster can perfectly fit any type of home design, regardless of whether you have a minimalist or rustic aesthetics. Our designers have close paid attention to getting the features right and making these flexible to accommodate your style and needs.


Great design leaves ample room for self-expression. We understand that each property has its own unique needs. And as such, each of our patio doors is made to the exact measurements and design that you choose.

We offer a diverse range of colour choices for frames as well as variety in handle styles and finishes. You also have the option to choose between beveled and sculptured sashes to match the existing glazing in your home.


Great design leaves little to chance or luck.

We are proud to say that we have specialised in sliding patio doors for more than 10 years. And by working with a network of experts and local companies, we strive to continuously improve our product through better engineering and design.


Good design is anchored upon sustainability, harnessing the best materials and eschewing trends.

We understand that you are making an investment. And as such, we have taken careful measures to select the best materials that bring the most value to your investment. Our doors don’t simply look good; they won’t split, crack or warp.

Furthermore, we’ve built our doors with the unique British climate in mind so they can take a serious beating from the elements without flinching.

Built with the user in mind

Simply put, our doors are built for your peace of mind and satisfaction.


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