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Is an orange better than an apple? Bifolding and sliding doors are both excellent, but which one is best for your home depends largely on your taste. A bifolding door can offer a wider opening, but that is at the expense of more vertical frames, and you need space to operate them. Sliding doors are neater and take up less room, but the opening area will be smaller than with a comparable sized bifolding door.

To give you a complete answer an installer would need to visit your property to perform a survey. If there are building works required, such as expanding the size of the opening, the job could take longer but the installation of the door itself can usually be completed within a day.

Early model sliding doors did have problems with security. Now changes to designs have eliminated the problems and doors now feature anti-jacking devices and multipoint locking systems as well as advanced hi-tech, tamperproof lock cylinders.

Rooms with large expanses of glass can become very warm. If you are concerned, you can specify solar control glass which limits the amount of the sun’s radiation that passes through the glass. It’s usually possibly to maintain year-round comfort even for south-facing aspects.

Yes. Our systems accommodate low thresholds which make access easy and safe.

That’s no problem – you can choose a different finish for the inside and outside of a door. White or cream interiors combined with a dark or woodgrain exterior are very popular choices.

Our systems have been developed to minimise the potential for damage to décor and plasterwork. We can’t promise there will be no disruption to paint or wallpaper but skilled installers will ensure they keep everything neat and tidy and redecoration shouldn’t be necessary.

Yes. Our doors can last for more than forty years and are recyclable up to ten times. Compare that to timber that needs noxious preservatives and paints to stop it degrading. PVC-U also has much better insulation qualities than timber, enabling homes to stay warmer with less heating. Our PVC-U products are made entirely in the UK and we’ve been awarded BES6001 for the responsible sourcing of our raw materials.

A layer of tough, durable foil is permanently bonded to a base profile. The base itself may be coloured by using UV-stable pigments in the manufacturing process.

2, 3 or 4-pane layouts are possible with the largest 4-pane styles offering a span of almost 6 metres. And, because we’ve designed our sliding doors to be easy to install, transforming your home will be quick and surprisingly simple.


Style Max Width Max Height Min Width* Min Height*
2 Pane 3004 2360 1574 1900
3 Pane (Centre Slider) 4509 2360 2364 1900
3 Pane (End Slider) 4425 2360 2380 1900
4 Pane 5928 2360 3068 1900

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